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Speaking about the History of Vishal Sewtech, it all started when Mr. Vijay Khemka, an Ex PFAFF Engineer who pursued Engineering from the PAFF Germany, started his own Business under the name Khemka Consultancy in the year 1979 where he used to perform Repairing & Trading of Sewing Machines. Stepping on the Footsteps of him with more dedication, Mr. Vishal Khemka, Son of Mr. Vijay Khemka joined the family Business and with his hard work and Commitment to Innovate Indian Sewing Industry, he took the Business to new heights. Under his Leadership, the Khemka Consultancy converted to Vishal Sewtech. He completed his Bachelors from University of Delhi and persuaded his Training in Sewing Machines Engineering, Repairs and maintenance from ALT College of Bangalore. He also got his Certificate of Production Management from NIFT. Under the leadership of Him, Vishal Sewtech has become a widely recognized name in Sewing Machines Industry and earned the tag as the most Trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sewing Machines. Not only limiting to that, we are also the most Experienced Sewing Machines Importers and Exporters. We are dedicated to innovate Indian Sewing and Garment Industry with our finest range of machines and Accessories. We also provide Professional Consultancy in choosing the right Garment Machine that caters the requirement of our Clients.

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