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Reliant surveyors provide a wide range of Property valuation services to developers, investors, corporates, government bodies, and financial institutions seeking assistance with existing real estate assets, potential acquisitions, new development projects, and properties slated for disposition. Real estate could be a major holding in the portfolio of assets for various corporate / entities/ institutions/ businesses across the spectrum of services or products – Private or governments, real estate developers or real estate investors, financial institutions, Banks, or individual property owners. The key to judging such holding proportions or patterns of real estate in their portfolio spread is to measure the underlying value of real estate assets such as residential, commercial, land, and buildings. Our real estate valuation services in India include the valuation of land and building assets in sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, retail, warehousing, hospitality, healthcare, education, and so on. We provide a comprehensive range of valuation advisory services to clients, helping them in making well-informed decisions in all aspects of real estate by providing detailed understanding of the asset, reliable market research, expert opinion, and so on. We take pride in adhering to best market practices, having unparalleled valuation experience, and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market.

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