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There are many places in Dubai where you can buy shisha, but it is important to find the right one for your needs. For the best selection, you can visit HookahMarket Russian Shisha Store, which is located in the Al Barsha 1 area. We offer a huge variety of different shishas, and accessories. We also sell cleaning and maintenance accessories for shishas. Apart from hookahs and accessories, our shop also sells various kinds of Vape Pods and Devices. Hookah lovers look forward to every visit to the appropriate "smoky" institution, and no wonder. Hookah relaxes, helps to detach from everyday worries, promotes rejection of cigarettes. For these and many other reasons, the adherents of a hookah pipe wonder how to choose an accessory for the home. Conventionally all devices are divided into collectible and for use, we are interested in the last variant. Size If you plan to use a hookah exclusively at home, it is not necessary to chase a tall accessory. This choice is conditioned by the fact that a medium or small hookah is more convenient to take on nature and hikes, to carry from room to room, to clean, to fuel. Determined, compact size. But this does not mean that you should buy a "toy" hookah, choose the medium variant in the range of 70-80 cm. Additionally, take care about the presence of a bag for it. For home use it is necessary to choose this type of hookah, because it is good to smoke, easy to clean, easy to refill and easy to transport.

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