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Admittedly, the beach grandmother's aesthetic is quite similar to the recent millennium trend, which favors porcelain, floral and pastel. Although both styles pay homage to the classic elements, their approaches are very different. "While the Great Millennium style uses these prints in a colorful and playful way interior decoration shiraz Grandma Beach's design emphasizes lighter, monochrome versions that feel They are more relaxed. Now for the question that everyone is asking: How do you incorporate the aesthetics of a beach grandmother into your space? For interior designer Erin Gates, it's all about using neutral color palettes, a mix of antiques and modern pieces, and textures like mohair, linen, buckle and knit. "This is an edited version of grandmillenial that is full of detail and [maximalism]," he shares. "I'm looking at the beach grandmother 'less, but better.' Quiet but luxurious in design, the phrase should not be taken literally, as Gates puts it, "a real Nancy Myers beach grandmother will never have any beach-themed decorations." Marine and not sandy.) Instead, point to subtle hints with a beautiful painting or beach-inspired color palette, Franklin adds. Blue is a key element in beach design, but gold will be just as important in adding luxury.

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