duHkh meN sumirn sb kre, sukh meN kre n koy /
jo sukh meN sumirn kre, to duHkh kaahe ko hoy //

bhaavaarth: kbiir daas jii khte...

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Shayari's website for one-stop for all kinds of poetries. so checkout for every occasion at our beautiful site. Don't forget to collect or...

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Amir Khusrau was born in 1251 AH, in the present district of Kansi Ramnagar, Patiala, Uttar Pradesh. His name was Yaminuddin and his title was...

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Love Shayari in Hindi, Sad Poetry Best Collection Ever!

In this collection, we have made a list of Shayari and Poetry in Hindi from different genres like Love Shayari, Sad Shayari, Quotes and much more...

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