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How to know if your app has usability problems | Focaloid Technologies Private Limited
After developing the mobile application and launching it the next step that comes is to check whether the developed application has usability problems or not. It is always advisable to check the usability of the developed application from time to time. The reason for this is that if the application has usability issues the people who are using the app will not be satisfied and hence the chances of related app getting switched are more. This will reduce the popularity of the application and can inflict an adverse affect on your business.

Here are a few points that will help the developers to check the usability problems of the application

Mobile analytics :- To check the usability of your application one needs to have access to the app analytics. The data can be collected by installing various analytics tool that help to gather the information regarding the new and existing users, screen navigations, additional downloads, bugs, target audience etc. The analytics device which is selected must be compatible with all the platforms and should not interfere with the regular working of the application.
Data analysis :- After you have added mobile analytics to the checklist, the next factor to consider is to keep tabs on the maximum accessed data. This will give the developers an idea regarding which are pages that are visited frequently and if there are any bugs or other factors that can cause users to bounce from those pages. More over micro UX feature can be used in the application to give it a more lively and interactive session with the user.
Personal details &Use cases :- The personal details are of great help when it comes to creating an overview of the target audience. This will help the developers to have a clear cut picture of what is the main purpose of the application that is being developed. This will help them to be more precise and accurate with the data and navigation to be used on the application. Whereas the use cases are of importance to quality analysts and architectures of the application. This helps the developers to decide the main use of the application.
Usability testing :- after collecting user data and use cases the next move is to check the usability. The main focus of the usability of the application should be on the target audience and the issues they may face while using the application. The testing should be done time and again so that the teams know how to deal with different situations in the real time.
It is always ideal to assign a special team to perform real time testing on the pertinent application. The details of the testing should be short and precise so that they know what is to be done and how.

To sum-up the usability test you need data collection, usage analysis and real time testing to be done time and again to keep the application bug free. The main focus of the testing should be to test it on real time situations so that maximum errors can be eliminated.
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