Most of the companies make their logos in vector file. Vector file is the image, edited or created with the help of corel draw or adobe illustrator. The vector image can be scaled to no end without distortion. These images have sharp color and contrast and can be saved in PDF, SVG, AI, EPS & DXF formats.

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In logo designing, the use of Vectorize Images is very common because of its quality. Normal pictures or images in a format like jpeg are not sharp enough and also loose pixels when scaled which makes them useless for logo designing hence, the conversion of these images into vectorize images is required. Vectorize images are much sharper and can be scaled to maximum without distortion which makes them perfect for logos or logo designing.

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DigitEMB is premium web-based embroidery digitizing and vector art service providing company since 2007. We are providing Vector Conversion Service at the best price. We have a professional team of designers who work hard for client’s satisfaction. For more details please visit our website.

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