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Slangbusters is a branding studio focused on creating timeless brands through clear communication. We are here to create timeless brands, by making it easy for you to understand the process of branding so that you can be an integral part of branding your own business. We help you identify and create your tribe. We assist your business or organization to connect with them at a deeper, emotional level.

Rebranding the concept of Idea: Thinking outside the ‘bulb.’

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Why does a light bulb illuminate every time you have an idea? How did such semiotics come into existence and has penetrated the culture? Why is it wrong? Do we need to rebrand this concept? Just like brands need rebranding, concepts too could go outdated, demanding re-ideation. Did you know, Edison is the reason we have such a common reference that we see in cartoons, comics, and IRL. In this piece, we talk about how and why we think outside the ‘bulb’.

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