What is branding | why it is important for Business

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Rs1 000 000.00

Let us roll up the sleeves and try to answer that one. But before we do, does any of this ring a bell?

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Because the Earth needs a Good Lawyer

Telling stories that make a difference

These are taglines of some of the most commendable non-profits; UNFC, EarthJustice and Barefoot Workshops respectively. What do these have in common and why do you think people even care? What makes them so distinctive that you look at them and say, ‘Oh, I can recall that one!’

As you read along, you will find most of the questions answered. So let’s begin.

You have a superpower

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It is a given that a millennial wrote this. But you wonder why? Something that has managed to become a part of the daily lives of most people with their presence on social media, is also a part of the culture now. Read on to know how something that started as a photo-sharing app has taken over the internet only a decade after its launch.

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No, our writer does not eavesdrop. But it usually from stories that we learn the most and we learn the best. The writer had a little conversation in his own mind taking into consideration two entrepreneurs and some issues that we, as a branding studio have seen among business novices. Read on, maybe you’ll find answers in other’s problems.

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Learn how good packaging influences sales and why it needs to be moved up in the hierarchy of aspects that ensures the success of a new product launch. There are many aspects of how designers conduct packaging design. This piece will talk about the why and how of good packaging design. Because packaging is to the product what branding is to the idea.

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From an arbitrary phenomenon to a corporate strategy- redefining the concept that remains exclusive of creative innovation. Jugaad is something that has brought the corporate world to look into the Indian art of getting things done- bringing results in the simplest possible manner, with diminished use of resources. Ironically, perfecting jugaad has become the need of the hour. How? Read on.

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Reading is a basic skill that everyone who goes to school acquires. Then why are some people able to extract more from the same book that others can also read? The answer lies in mindful reading. This piece has knowledge about why you might not like reading, how to start and cultivate a habit. Maybe you want to start mindful reading with this piece itself?

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This is not a clickbait. The importance of saying ‘no’ increases when you are talking about something that can make or break your business. It is important to get the ‘right’ investor because you don’t just need a capital source but an investor who is able to contribute a lot more than their dollars. And if you think your business is not worth taking the risk of rejecting incoming capital, you need to read this piece.

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Are you in a blah mood, in a mood to read something blah? How about learning more about blah? Do you know there is a blah blah blah day? What is the relation between jargon and a blah? They sound the same. Got you interested yet? Indulge in this 2-minute read which is as random as a blah.

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This blog is for the millennials for whom adulthood is just better brokehood, capitalism has taken a toll on you. It has not only changed the way we earn and spend money but wants us to spend every rupee in our banks- sometimes even before we earn it. Capitalism serves us a biryani even before we are able to count the chickens before they hatch. Got it? Read the piece to know how to plan better, and not count chickens.

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Our writer at Slangbusters wrote this piece describing his journey towards understanding feminism and becoming a feminist along with the experiences that made him what he is and how he experiences life after the change. What questions he asks now, what care does he take, how he owns his flaws, This blog is his story towards becoming aware of something very essential as a human.

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Millennials are known to rebel against the plan and seizing the day, come what may. A disclaimer of understanding before you read on: This is a suggestive piece and not the ten commandments written in stone. You are an adult responsible for your own tasks and this is your first step towards a system that helps you keep on track. Rules are meant to be broken, provided you know them in the first place.

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What? How are these two related? Is 1st April the new 1st of January? Resolutions don’t have a date. There is no wrong time to do the right thing. But then how to fool yourself into not procrastinating and getting things done on time? Are there methodologies that help in crossing off the list of personal tasks? Read this piece to know more.

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Rs1 000 000.00

Call it a brand design agency or a branding studio, in the core, Slangbusters is dedicated exclusively to branding service. Build a timeless brand at our design agency.

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Why does a light bulb illuminate every time you have an idea? How did such semiotics come into existence and has penetrated the culture? Why is it wrong? Do we need to rebrand this concept? Just like brands need rebranding, concepts too could go outdated, demanding re-ideation. Did you know, Edison is the reason we have such a common reference that we see in cartoons, comics, and IRL. In this piece, we talk about how and why we think outside the ‘bulb’.

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Tablo Noir is a Chennai India based best branding & design agency specialising in web design and development, digital marketing (SEO, SMO, SEM), advertising, social media marketing and more

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Rush Republic is a Corporate branding agency and also branding service and brand advertising company in coimbatore. We are the leading marketing compay in coimbatore.

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Be it Web Development, Branding, every single digital marketing solution is taken forward by Fasion web solution. Providing clients with a niche of marketing products, it takes business ideas to a different level.

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A creative team of unique minds, that invents new ideas for your brand business...

The world is changing and yes the demands of people are changing with the change in technology. So why to opt boring old designs for your business? Creativity is all about innovation! Buttercup has thus emerged to bring revolutionary design ideas right next to your door step.

When your business is unique then why to go for old designs that everyone uses in the market? Excel & speak aloud your business through Buttercup Creativity is selling for success.

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Freelance Graphic Designer in London & Kingston–Polly Play Ford
Award winning freelance graphic designer based in Kingston, London. With 13 years experience in branding, web design, social media graphics, print graphics, presentations, wallpaper designs, paper sculpture design, and packaging. Get in touch today for a free competitive quote.

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