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water-guns water guns Electric Water Guns Water Guns For Adults As the summer heat rises, water guns are a fun way to cool off and entertain. But if you’re looking for a new weapon to take your water battles to the next level, look no further than this battery-powered blaster from Sypra. Each time you pump water into the gun’s small reservoir, the fluid pushes up against all of the air in the container and compresses it. When the pressure reaches a certain point, a valve opens to let water out through the nozzle. This separate air pressure system was first developed by Super Soaker in 1991, and is now used by many brands of water guns. It allows the guns to be light when they’re empty, but heavy once they’re full of water. As a bonus, it also gives them the ability to fire more water per shot than traditional water guns. That makes these models ideal for adults looking to drench their friends and family in the backyard or at the pool.

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