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Telegram非正式简称TG、电报、纸飞机)是跨平台的即时通信软件,其客户端是自由及开放源代码软件,但服务端是专有软件。用户可以相互交换加密与自毁消息,发送照片、影片等所有类型文件。官方提供手机版(Android、iOS、Windows Phone)、桌面版(Windows、macOS、Linux)和网页版等多种平台客户端;同时官方开放应用程序接口(API),因此拥有许多第三方的客户端可供选择。 Telegram (informally abbreviated as TG, Telegram, Paper Plane) is cross-platform instant messaging software whose client is free and open source software, but whose server is proprietary. Users can exchange encrypted and self-destructing messages with each other, send photos, films and all other types of files. It provides clients for mobile phones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux), and web pages; it also has an open API, so there are many third-party clients to choose from.


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