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Why you should rent out your car This week, we shared an exciting update across all our channels that Tarlen is rolling out its services in Western Cape with the aim to give busy everyday individuals the chance to earn a side income and pay off their car loans by renting their cars to vetted individuals. We all know that, up until now, the only other means available to South Africans for earning a side income with their cars were through ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Bolt. However, these platforms required a significant amount of time investment, which most car owners couldn’t afford. It’s also a well-known fact that South Africa has stopped issuing public operator licenses to Uber drivers, leading to numerous vehicle confiscations, heavy fines, and general dissatisfaction with ride-sharing. We think South Africans still opt for ride-sharing due to a lack of options and this is precisely why Tarlen Carshare was founded. We envision a South Africa with a thriving car-sharing community built on trust, transparency, and individual ingenuity. With Tarlen's innovative car rental service, car owners can now easily rent out their vehicles to vetted individuals, providing a hassle-free way to earn extra income without the time commitment required by ride-sharing platforms. Join us in revolutionizing the car rental service industry in South Africa and unlock the potential of your vehicle today. Website:

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