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The Salesforce Certified AI Associate exam is designed to validate foundational skills in the responsible use of AI and data within the context of CRM. Here are some key points about the exam: Exam Content: The exam focuses on the basic principles and functionalities of AI and data within the CRM context. Candidates should be familiar with data management, security considerations, common business and productivity tools, and Salesforce Customer 360 Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for the Salesforce-AI-Associate Exam Dumps, although completing the Salesforce Associate Certification is recommended Exam Structure: The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions, each with three possible answers Preparation: Salesforce provides a learning path designed to help candidates prepare for the exam, including a specially curated list of study materials Trailhead offers a trailmix specifically curated to help candidates get ready for the AI Associate exam Skills and Abilities Tested: The exam aims to validate knowledge, skills, and ability to engage in meaningful discussions on how AI can be used to improve business processes It also confirms essential skills in the responsible use of AI and data

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