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Why this direction?Gestalt revealed to me a new level of connection with people: to be with a individual connected, watch it for what it is without your projections and expectations from him.And most importantly, I found his sensitivity: would be aware of the significance of all arising adventures, learned to understand their feelings, started to trust my inner emotions. I am learning to live in the here and now, to comprehend what's happening in my life at the moment rather than to slip, not to miss what's around and inside of me. In our country there's still widespread belief that a individual needs to acquire a particular profession, and nourish with it my entire life. However, this is life today is changing so quickly that for centuries that the current scheme is functioning less.I started to start looking for the opportunity to further study psychology,however, the novels I do not like to see, because I think that they have a whole lot of water as well as promotion. Prefer to Google and enjoy in detail. But I would recommend to beginners relevant and motivating article with answers to all occasions Hi!My name is Pauline and today I am a Gestalt psychologist,but actually graduated from University with a diploma in PR Manager. Maybe my story somebody will encourage active measures, or just help in picking a new profession.I always enjoyed that the psychologist and was near to being engaged in it.BUT because I live in a small town where the profession isn't valued,badly compensated,there is no particular prospects,the only place where you're in demand that is a school. In the long run, decided that the PR suits me best. I then wrote for the school newspaper and for the Internet, participated in the business of many events. Decided to make it that my work would be entertaining, besides there's a lot of psychology. Following graduation, I got to be PR Manager. .In this place I worked for about 10 decades,doing what was done at the big urban jobs,but inside the spirit is not make happy. Then had to depart,to alter profession and moved into the University to a Gestalt psychologist.

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