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Hello, I'm a photographer Oleg Rostovtsev. I reside in Hannover. I am a specialist in wedding photography. I've been an experienced photographer for 15 years now. I am always in the business. It's my job, and my pleasure. My photography is described as natural and beautiful. I strive to find ways to make people feel them, the atmosphere of the event, and create photos that will be remembered and emotions over the years. You can find my work here A stunning wedding photo shoot is when the photographer was able to capture the excitement and aesthetics of your celebration and your feelings. That's what's valuable. The services of wedding photographers are far more extensive than they appear at first. This is more than excellent photos or retouching images. Professionals must be able to capture the enthusiasm of your loved ones. The most beautiful locations to shoot will appear stunning on wedding pictures when you enjoy the entire filming process.Each professional photographer will suggest stunning and well-known locations for your photo session. Wedding photographer today is very much in demand and, in turn, the master must have a special talent. A professional wedding photographer will be able to capture the most intimate moments of the shootingprocess, and can convey the emotional state of the people taking part - which is particularly important when we are talking about wedding photography. During the wedding, there is joy and excitement chaos and calm, tension and anticipation. Sometimes, the photographer needs to make jokes or resolving minor misunderstandings with stories, but these are trifles compared to the pleasure that our photographer heroes experience by being part of the wedding reportage. The photo shoot is a time to be creative. I try to emphasize the most important aspects and strengths of the client. Your photos will look stylish and meaningful. I have photo shoots that I take not only in Germany but throughout the country. Trips to foreign countries for work are feasible. I believe that good photos must be able to tell a story. Write to me if you like the images that I've included in my portfolio. Together we can definitely make something worth your time! I'd love to have your photosas well!

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