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Product Engineering Services in Europe Hinduja Tech’s Product Engineering Services division has inherited decades of automotive product development expertise in our DNA, and we offer full vehicle and powertrain development services from concept through SOP for ICE vehicles and EVs. Headquartered in Chennai, Hinduja Tech has pioneered automotive product co-development using its unique ‘Frugal EngiNEARing Paradigm’ with a strong focus on 'zero-based design to cost process' and delivered Award Winning Programs. As consumers continue to expect more and more from their vehicles, OEMs must figure a way out to meet these expectations. The OEMs have to constantly work towards tackling challenges in cost reduction, fuel efficiency, and building advanced HMI. Partnering with Hinduja Tech will help OEMs and Tier-1s to innovate and stay relevant in the market by ensuring the safety, quality, relevance and robustness of their design.

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