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Funny SA is an independent, specialist financial services regulatory consultancy. We are committed to providing practical solutions and with offices in the USA, UK and Asia we can offer a globally integrated service. We provide a reliable financial solution to support all types of commercial projects and business finance. An industry leader in arranging Financial Instruments and also has an experienced team in providing financial solutions for companies and individuals. We provide Bank Instruments such as (BG) Bank Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) Issued with Top Rated Banks for Clients Worldwide. We are also in need of financial instrument brokers/mandates to establish a long business partnership, Our brokers are paid on commission for every successful tranche. #sblc providers, #bank instruments. We provide Bank Instruments such as BG Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit SBLC Issued with Top Rated Banks for Clients Worldwide. Lease Bank Instruments BG SBLC – Leased bank instruments to a third party for a specific fee and having the bank instruments for a period of 1 year 1 day and generating a credit line for that period. Leased instruments can also be monetized by a monetizer but the monetizer needs to return the instrument before the expiry date of the instrument. Purchase Bank Instruments BG SBLC – This is an owned Bank instruments, For a purchased bank instruments the price is much higher but the new owner will get complete ownership of the instrument and can directly put it into a managed MTN buy/sale program popularly known as PPP. The instrument can also be monetized for a non-recourse loan. The cost of purchased instrument is also much higher compared to a leased instrument. For more Information visit our website

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