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[b]A brief history of Dhow and its relevance in Modern Dubai Cruise[/b] What is Dhow? If you wonder what is the relationship [url=][b] Dubai cruise dinner price[/b][/url] between this traditional ship and modern dubai, the answer lies in its history. Dhow Cruise Dubai has been the right time for residents and visitors of Dubai for the past two decades, but more than that - this is an integral part of the culture that is still running through the current state of Dubai, the capital of The The United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was first developed by the ancient Arabs who used it mainly as cargo transportation in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean Coastline. [b][b]What is Dhow?[/b][/b] Dhow is a traditional ship with a triangular screen that is historically used by Arabic, Asian and African coastal people for transportation, fishing, trade, and piracy. Before the wind was used to push the ship crossing a long distance, Dhow was traded along coastal waters. The term English Dhow comes from the Arabic word which refers to any ship-called Jahr-which can sail alone. [b][b]A brief history of Dhow[/b][/b] One of the most iconic symbols of Dubai is its dhow, or traditional wooden ship. Dhow has played a major role in sea transportation since ancient times - which continues to this day. Although used today especially for recreational purposes, historically, Dhow is very important to be traded. In fact, these ships are very important for Asia and Arabic so they are called Arab ships even though they come from other places. But how do they start? [b][b]Growth of Tourism in Dubai[/b][/b] In 1971, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum offered every population of more than 25 years old, tickets to Iran. The trip was five days long and around 10,000 residents took him over his offer. Since then, tourism has continued to grow, with 300 hotels opened in 1980. However, only in 1991 tourists from other countries began to visit Dubai. [b][b]How to visit dhow work[/b][/b] Passengers can choose between sunset or moonlight shipping. When they stepped into their Dhow, they met with members of the crew who welcomed them on the ship. On the ship, the guests were given a bag full of food and fruit as well as each drink (alcoholic drinks were also available based on requests). The crew then guide everyone to their seating area that can be above or underneath. After sitting, guests have time to socialize before returning to the beach around 10 pm. [b][b]Costs involved[/b][/b] Dhow shipping is one of the cheapest water -based [url=][b]Dubai creek cruise[/b][/url] tour choices in Dubai, with prices starting from AED 200 (USD 53) for a half -day trip. However, if you do not intend to do a lot of sunbathing or snorkeling on your Dhow trip, consider paying extra for private ships - this costs around 500-600 (USD 136-152) per ship and can accommodate 10 people comfortably. [b][b]The top 10 things to know about Dhow Shipping[/b][/b] At present, Dhow Cruises is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai. A dhow cruise is basically a last night's trip where you sleep on a traditional Dhow ship that sails along Dubai Beach and its waterways, including The Creek. Although of course relaxing to ride a cruise through this waters, there are some things you should know before you order tickets. This is our guide for the top 10 things to know about Dhow Cruise Ships [b][b]How you can find and order your tickets[/b][/b] In Dubai, you can find tickets in one of several official booking offices. There are two options: the website or direct order office. Step by step guide on how to do both

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