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As we dove deeper into a space that feels like it moves at a million miles an hour, it became clear that we had to get focused on what was important every day. So we started putting together a daily update of all our research that would be shared every morning on our family WhatsApp chat. Hundreds of editions later, the Daily Ralpha is read by thousands of people first thing in the morning and shared among some of the most incredible groups in the space. Today, the Daily Ralpha covers broad NFT market data and what’s going on with ETH, what drops are worth watching every day, the best NFT tools, web3 jobs, and NFT news in Coral Gables, FL. Sales are still growing rapidly, and they've been growing steadily since their inception. NFTs are digital scarcity tokens that can be used to represent anything, an idea, a product, or a brand. They have been around for a few years now and are starting to gain popularity as a way to express your creativity and individuality. But even though they're still relatively new, there are hundreds of NFT projects out there. If you're interested in investing in NFTs, we recommend taking some time to learn more about them before you do so. Our vision and hope for the Daily Ralpha are to make it one of the best NFT newsletters that provide you with just the right amount of information you need and nothing you don't. Call Us At: +1 305-925-0838, Website:

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