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Hello! The point of the carsharing is you take the car at one point and leave it at another. You're able to open the car and fill out the lease via the application in your mobile phone. Payment using a tied card. Everything is extremely convenient. Parking, gas, washing and other costs are borne by the firm. Consequently, you get on average 2 times cheaper than a taxi. And it is cheaper than getting your own car. As an example, a trip to the airport from the city center without traffic jams that I needed to purchase a day auto. That is even cheaper than your Aeroexpress. As an instance, I've got a situation, a year ago my husband and I purchased the car and I have not regretted it daily. But sometimes you require a car. By way of example, to arrive at the airport through the night or into the store for groceries on the weekend. What should someone do with no vehicle? You can take a taxi, or you'll be able to take a karshering automobile. I had been surprised to find that lots of my buddies don't know exactly what it is, and when they do, then they don't use themselves. And you should not! It's an incredibly convenient system. Today, it functions in several cities of Ukraine. I use it practically from the very first day it seemed, so I am prepared to share my expertise. My name is Svetlana, I am 22 years old, I was born in Kherson. I graduated out of KNTU, specializing in global financial affairs. I successfully found work in this city, in my specialization. I work from the MICE-tourism industry. Frequently we must hold company meetings with overseas guests in addition to sponsors. MICE-tourism is business tourism, correlated with the organization and holding of corporate occasions. The major goal of our company is to consolidate the efforts of all players of the tourism market, to encourage the territory and everything linked with the current infrastructure. Our partners are the firm that offers carshoring solutions A lot do not even know what karshering can be, and some know just a little about it. It is worth finding out exactly what it is, since this service might be quite useful to you.

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