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AMC Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. of Montgomery County, PA would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to inquire about our Landscape Company in PA Services. AMC Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. was established in 1992. We started out by cutting residential grass exclusively, then over the years we developed into a full service Commercial Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Company. Yes, we have grown!

Local Landscaping & Hardscape Contractors PA

AMC Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. offers Landscape Design, Hardscape Design, Paver...

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Drainage Solutions PA:

Flooding can cause structural and property damage, sewer backup, foundation issues and it can lower the value of...

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AMC Nursery & Landscaping, Inc, has been providing landscape design and installation services for 15 years. We can design a landscape that...

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French Drain Installation PA: We will assess the drainage problem and provide the most cost-effective drainage solution to help keep your space...

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Lawn Aeration Service PA: There are many different myths about lawn aeration. Aeration basically means creating channels that lead down into the...

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Hardscape Design and Installation PA:

Hardscape or "Hardscaping" consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, especially any masonry...

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