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Most Trusted Cyber Security Companies

Why Cybersecurity?

Every innovative invention conceived by humankind has an array of pros and cons associated to it. Considering the benefits or convenience a particular invention offers, solutions are developed that address the disadvantages or repercussions of using that invention.

Take the motor vehicle for instance. Along with the advantage of convenient and speedy travel that it provides, there is always the risk of accidents. The solutions developed in addressal of this risk include the likes of seatbelts, air bags and most recently, technology that assesses driver behavior and the threats in the vehicle's vicinity.

The same is applicable when the invention under consideration is the internet. Although it provides every individual with global connectivity and mildly ominous convenience, every packet of information sent across the internet is prone to a cyberthreat.

In a time and age where almost all our personal information is being stored digitally, cybersecurity cannot be disregarded - especially when it comes reinforcing cybersecurity measures for those companies which are working remotely.

Based on considerable research, companies that have failed to implement stringent cybersecurity measures have suffered substantial losses in terms of data as well as financial losses.

A few experts shed light on the importance of implementing stringent cybersecurity measures:

"As large sections of the workforce have moved to working outside traditional organizational boundaries, the threat surface for sensitive information has expanded dramatically presenting a range of novel cybersecurity challenges," says the Founder and CEO of QuintessenceLabs, Dr Vikram Sharma.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous pressure, throwing the global economy into a recession. Some organisations might consider downsizing by cutting down on business lines considered as 'non-critical' which may include cybersecurity services. This short-term plan might however prove to be 'penny wise and pound foolish' in the long haul, as this will further increase the impact of attacks on the organizations," says Flavius Plesu, the Founder and CEO of OutThink.

"More traffic equals more vulnerabilities and opportunities. That's how hackers think. I believe 2020 was the most important year in cybersecurity and the beginning of a new era in the digital world. It is not a coincidence that companies and even governments started to spend much more money on cybersecurity." Says George Egri, the Co-Founder and CEO of BitNinja.

These statements most certainly act as admonitions to those who seek the 'why' when the term cybersecurity is brought up in board meetings and other scenarios pertaining to organizational security.

This edition, the Most Trusted CyberSecurity Companies, brings into spotlight those organizations that are striving to deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions and are making their mark in the process.

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