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What is an essay?

If you've been tasked with writing an essay, you probably want to know a little more about what it is. You can read a little more here about how the essay should be shaped and how far away it should be. You can also read about the different types of essays.

An essay is a short personal text that explores a problem without reaching a final conclusion. He lends itself to thought.

What is an essay?
The word "essay" comes from French
This means " test " or "practice".
In the essay "You are looking for the truth" - you do not know the answer in advance
Arguments for and against different solutions can be well presented.
The language does not have to be precise and precise - it can be controversial
You still need to try to find clarity. It doesn't have to be messy, meaningless . All professional essay writers recommend writing an outline for your essay.
In an essay, you try different directions to see where you end up.
So, you don't have an answer before you start, and it doesn't end with a conclusion.
You could call it "reflective writing"
An important feature of the essay is that "something happens in the process."
How far is the essay?
The optimal essay length is 600 words.
This is equivalent to 2 pages of full text.
An essay can be longer, up to 700-1000 words, but it doesn't get any better.
Therefore, more than two pages is not good.
An essay can also be as small as 100-200 words, but usually it will not be a good essay. Doesn't get the depth it needs.
Therefore, you can work with the following rule of thumb

Rule of thumb: Your essay should be on two pages of text .

How to write a good essay?
However, in order to write a good essay, a person must control their problem, reason clearly and accurately, write in an easily accessible and correct way, and make it personal.

What could an essay be about?
An essay can be about a lot, but it is usually a topic that needs discussion. This could be, for example,

The science
The science
or other topics that you could pick up using online essay writer, in order to find the very topic that you will open to other people people best

What is an essay - briefly described?

An essay is a short report of 5-600 words in which you try to reasonably find a solution to a question.

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What is an essay?

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