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Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic medical procedure is performed with an endoscope, a rounded test that has a minuscule camera and a splendid light, which is embedded into a little cut. Pictures from the camera are transmitted back to a screen, which the specialist watches while controlling the endoscope inside the body. The endoscope is a gadget to help the specialist during surgeries. Instruments to really play out the medical procedure are embedded through various incision(s).

Fold Surgery

Fold medical procedure includes shipping solid, live tissue starting with one area of the body then onto the next - regularly to zones that have lost skin, fat, muscle development, or potentially skeletal help. There are a few distinct kinds of fold medical procedure strategies that might be used, contingent on the area of the fold and the structures that should be fixed. The sorts include:

Nearby fold - is situated close to the injury; the skin stays joined toward one side all together that the blood flexibly is left flawless.

Local fold - utilizes an area of tissue that is connected by a particular vein.

Bone/delicate tissue fold - this sort of fold is regularly utilized when bone and the overlying skin are moved to another area.

Musculocutaneous fold (muscle and skin fold) - this sort of fold is regularly utilized when the territory to be secured needs more mass and an expanded blood flexibly. This sort of fold is regularly used to reconstruct a bosom following a mastectomy.

Microvascular free fold - includes isolating and reattaching skin and veins starting with one site of the body then onto the next site. Microsurgery is utilized to append the veins.

Laser Technology

Lasers utilized in plastic medical procedure frequently accommodate insignificant dying, wounding, and scarring. There are various sorts of lasers that might be used, contingent on the reason and area of the medical procedure to be performed. Counsel your plastic specialist to decide whether laser medical procedure, and which type is generally fitting for you.

Skin Grafts

A skin unite might be utilized to cover skin that has been harmed or potentially is missing. This surgery includes expelling solid segments of skin from one piece of the body to reestablish ordinary appearance and additionally capacity to another bit of a similar body. Where the skin is evacuated is known as the giver site. There are three unique sorts of skin joins that might be used, contingent on the size and area of required skin. These include:

Split-Thickness Skin Graft

Generally used to treat consume wounds

Uses just the layers of skin nearest to the surface

Contributor area site will be picked dependent on size, type, and shade of skin required

Full-Thickness Skin Graft

Used to treat profound and enormous injuries or scars

Utilized when greatest skin flexibility are required

Uses all layers (not simply the surface layer) of skin from the contributor site

Composite Skin Graft

Gives the fixed skin the most hidden help

Includes lifting all layers of skin, fat, and at times the hidden ligament from the benefactor site

Tissue Expansion

A tissue extension is a surgery that includes embeddings an inflatable like gadget (called an expander) under the skin. The expander then gradually secretes fluid into the region to be fixed to really extend and grow the skin. This serves the capacity of "developing" additional skin to fix close by lost or harmed skin.

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plaasttik srjriice prkaar

enddoskopik shstrkriyaa

enddoskopik vaidykiiy prkriyaa enddoskopii, ek gol caacnnii aahe jyaat ek lhaansaa keNmeraa aanni ek bhvy prkaash aahe, jo thoddaa kaaplaa jaato. keNmerryaatiil citre punhaa skriinvr paatthvlii jaataat, jii tjjny shriiraacyaa aatlyaa enddoskopvr niyNtrnn tthevtaanaa paahtaat. shstrkriyedrmyaan tjjnyaalaa mdt krnnyaasaatthii enddoskop he ek geNjett aahe. vaidykiiy prkriyaa khrokhrc khelnnyaasaatthii upkrnne vividh insijn (s) dvaare aNtrbhuut kelii jaataat.

pholdd srjrii

pholdd vaidykiiy prkriyet ghn, jivNt uutii shriiraacyaa ekaa bhaagaapaasuun suruu hotaat - niymitpnne tvcaa, crbii, snaayuu vikaas kiNvaa sNbhaavy saaNgaaddyaacii mdt aslelyaa bhaagaaNnaa niymitpnne. kaahii vishisstt prkaarcyaa vaidykiiy prkriyaa dhornnaaNcaa vaapr kelaa jaauu shkto, pholddcyaa kssetraavr aanni sNrcnaa Nsaatthii nishcit kelelyaa sNrcnaa Nsaatthii vaaprtaa yetiil. prkaar smaavisstt aahet:

jvlcii pholdd - dukhaaptiicyaa jvl aahe; tvcaa ekaa baajuulaa ektr raahte kii rkt lvcikpnne nirdoss raahte.

sthaanik pholdd - vishisstt shiraa dvaare joddlelyaa uutiicyaa kssetraacaa vaapr krto.

haadde/ naajuuk uutii - haadde aanni ativhiit tvcaa dusrryaa bhaagaat hlvlyaavr ashaa prkaarcyaa pholddcaa niymitpnne vaapr kelaa jaato.

snaayuu (snaayuu aanni tvcaa pholdd) - surkssit kssetrsurkssit krnnyaasaatthii adhik vstumaan aanni rkt lvcik te vgre astaanaa ashaa prkaarcyaa pholddcaa niymitpnne vaapr kelaa jaato. ashaa prkaarcyaa pholddcaa vaapr maasttekttomiinNtr punhaa bossom tyaar krnnyaasaatthii kelaa jaato.

suukssmvaaNsh mukt pholdd - yaamdhye shriiraacyaa ekaa tthikaannaapaasuun suruu honnaarii tvcaa aanni shiraa vegle krnne aanni punhaa joddnne yaaNcaa smaavesh hoto. nsaaNlaa apeNdd krnnyaasaatthii suukssm srjriicaa upyog kelaa jaato.

lesr tNtrjnyaan

plaasttik cyaa vaidykiiy prkriyet vaaprlyaa jaannaare lejhr shsaa kmii mRtyuu, jkhm aanni jkhmaa yaaNcaa smaavesh hoto. vividh prkaarce lejr vaaprle jaauu shktaat, vaidykiiy prkriyece kaarnn aanni kssetr yaaNcaa ektrit vaapr kelaa jaauu shkto. lejhr vaidykiiy prkriyaa aahe kii naahii aanni konntyaa prkaarcii prkriyaa tumhaalaa yogy aahe he tthrvnnyaasaatthii aaplyaa plaasttik tjjnyaalaa sllaa dyaa.

tvcece graaphtts

tvcelaa ijaa jhaalelii kiNvaa kdaacit gaayb jhaalelii tvcaa jhaaknnyaasaatthii tvcaa ektecaa upyog kelaa jaauu shkto. yaa shstrkriyet tvcece ghn bhaag shriiraacyaa ekaa tukddyaatuun baaher kaaddhuun saamaany ruup punhaa sthaapit krnnyaasaatthii aanni tyaac shriiraacyaa dusrryaa bhaagaat kssmtaa nirmaann krnnyaasaatthii smaavisstt aahe. tvcaa rikaamii kelii jaate tyaalaa denngii dennaare saaiitt ase mhnntaat. tvcece tiin vishisstt prkaar aahet je vaaprle jaauu shktaat, aavshyk tvcecaa aakaar aanni kssetr aavr aadhaarit aahe. yaamdhye khaaliil gossttii smaavisstt aahet:

vibhaajit-jaaddii tvcaa

saamaanytH jkhmevr upcaar krnnyaasaatthii vaaprle jaate

tvcece phkt thr pRsstthbhaagaajvl vaaprtaat

yogdaan kssetr aacii jaagaa aavshyk tvcecaa aakaar, prkaar aanni saavlii vr avlNbuun asel

puurnn jaaddii tvcaa

gNbhiir aanni prcNdd jkhmaa kiNvaa vrnn aaNvr upcaar krnnyaasaatthii vaaprle jaate

tvcecii lvciktaa aavshyk astaanaa vaaprlii jaate

yogdaan dennaarryaa saaiittpaasuun tvcece srv thr (phkt pRsstthbhaagaacaa thr) vaaprte

sNmishr tvcaa graaph

sthir tvcelaa srvaat gupt mdt dete

tvcece srv thr, crbii aanni kaahii velaa gupt avyv aaNnaa laabhdaacyaa saaiittvruun uclnne smaavisstt aahe

ttishyuu vistaar

ttishyuu eksttenshn hii ek shstrkriyaa aahe jyaat tvcekhaalii ek phuglele geNjett (ekspaaNdder mhnntaat) smaavisstt aahe. mg vistaarkrnnaaraa drv drv drv pdaarth tyaa bhaagaat shirto aanni tvcaa khrokhrc vistaarnnyaasaatthii aanni vaaddhnnyaasaatthii nishcit kelaa jaato. yaamule hrvlelyaa kiNvaa nuksaan jhaalelyaa tvcelaa jvl ciit krnnyaasaatthii atirikt tvcaa viksit krnnyaacii kssmtaa milte.

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