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Tim hieu ve thung nhua 1000l cu - TU A DEN Z | Dinh Hai Plastic

Hien nay ngay cang co nhieu dong thung chua duoc ra mat thi truong nhung thung nhua 1000l cu van la lua chon cua nguoi tieu dung, duoc danh gia cao ve do ben, su dung ben bi va vuot troi. Cac ban co the truy cap vao dia chi: https://dinhhaiplastic.com/product/tank-nhua-1000-lit-cu/ de tim hieu ve thung nhua cu. Hom nay, hay cung Dinh Hai Plastic di tim hieu thong tin chi tiet ve dong thung chua  nay nhe!

Thong so thung nhua 1000l cu

Truoc khi tim hieu ve dac diem, cau tao thung nhua cu 1000l, chung toi xin cung cap cho ban thong so ve san pham chi tiet duoi day. 

  • Do moi: Min 90%
  • Do sach: 100%
  • Kich thuoc: 1200 * 1000 * 1160 mm
  • Dung tich: 1000 lit
  • Chat lieu: Nhua nguyen sinh HDPE nguyen khoi
  • Van xa day: 50mm, van buom hoac van bi
  • Van mieng bon: 150mm, co nap van, gioang PCP
  • Khung bon: Sat ma kem son tinh dien
  • Trong luong: 55kg
  • Tieu chuan: IEC TS 60079-32-1:2013 – TRGS 727:2016
  • Mat do chat long toi da: 1.9
  • Chieu cao xep chong: 4 khi rong – 2 khi day binh

Cau tao chi tiet thung nhua cu 1000l

Thung nhua cu 1000l la san pham duoc danh gia cao ve chat luong duoc nghien cuu va san xuat ky luong voi cau tao chi nhu sau:

  • Ruot thung: Ruot thung day dan duoc lam tu chat lieu nhua HDPE nguyen khoi voi do ben cuc tot, chiu duoc cac tac dong luc va dap khac nhau. Thung co kha nang chong tia cuc tim, chong an mon. Nho vay thung co kha nang dung cac loai chat long khac nhau, su dung linh hoat. Dong thoi chat lieu nay an toan, khong chua chat doc hai, khong lam bien tinh cac chat khi duoc dung trong thung. 
  • Khung gia co: Khung kim loai duoc ma kem chong an mon tot bao quanh ruot thung giup chong an mon, tang kha nang chiu luc cho thung khi dung dung tich lon. Phan khung vuong cung giup de dang van chuyen, xep chong cac thung len nhau de tiet kiem dien tich.
  • Van xa: Van xa co 2 loai van buom hoac van bi co thiet ke thong minh, giup de dang chiet rot chat long khi dung. Van chac chan chong ro ri trong qua trinh van chuyen va cat tru  bao quan chat long. 
  • Nap day: Nap day co kich thuoc tieu chuan de dang thao mo de them chat long ben trong binh, dam bao co do kin toi da nham bao quan chat long mot cach tot nhat. 

Ung dung trong thuc te

Hien nay, thung nhua 1000l cu duoc su dung rong rai trong doi song va san xuat. Sau day la mot so ung dung noi bat cua san pham:

  • Thung su dung dung cac loai hoa chat, dung  moi, phu gia cong nghiep trong nganh san xuat nhua, cao su, cong nghiep nang,...
  • Dung dung son, thuoc nhuom, pham mau, muc in trong nganh in an, det may,...
  • Dung trong nong nghiep dung cac chat hoa nong nhu phan bon,  thuoc bao ve thuc vat
  • Trong nganh san xuat o to, thung dung cac linh phu kien nho, cac loai dau, mo nhot
  • Dung nuoc sinh hoat hay cac chat long khac nhau trong doi song tuy theo nhu cau su dung
  • Lam phao be, nha noi hay tai che lam chau trong rau sach, be thuy sinh,...

Nhu vay, thung nhua 1000l cu qua la san pham huu dung, dung duoc cac loai chat long khac nhau dap ung tot nhat nhu cau su dung cua khach hang. De chon mua duoc cac san pham chat luong, Dinh Hai Plastic la noi cung cap uy tin de tranh tinh trang hang kem chat luong, hang gia nhe!


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