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Photographing Jewelry - A Beginner's Guide

Many ecommerce store owners are intimidated by taking pictures of jewelry because the items can be quite small, shiny, and intricate. Photographing jewelry can actually be more straightforward than shooting large objects because the setup is much simpler.
Here are seven simple things you need for high end jewelry photography once you've mastered your setup.

1. Windows and natural light

The flash on your camera should never be used to photograph shiny jewelry! The jewelry reflects the intense light, resulting in white light spots with harsh shadows in the background.
Unless you have a very professional photography studio, use natural lighting for your jewelry product images. During the day, you want to position your product near a window for indirect light so that you can use the sun as a light source.
Bright sunlight, as well as the built-in flash, creates reflections and harsh shadows, so it might be wise to diffuse it. The light will change color if you cover the window with any other color than white.

2. White paper or sheet as a backdrop

Almost all jewelry is reflective, so it absorbs all other colors, so you should shoot on a white background to avoid changing the color. The light is better reflected on white than on dark colors, so you'll have a better shot if you use a white background.
Although taking good product images of jewelry is much more difficult than taking images of a plain blue chair, jewelry has the advantage of being much larger. If you want to create a white backdrop, you don't need to stretch a sheet of paper from wall to wall - just fold it in half so that it stands upright. It couldn't be simpler!

3. Taking pictures and using a tripod

If you want to Photograph Jwelry, it's more about the lens than the camera. You should choose a macro lens with a focal length of 60mm when looking to purchase your first lens.
With this focal length, you can obtain half life-size magnification (0.5x), while more expensive macro lenses offer life-size magnification (referred to as 1:1).
Your product photos will be in focus if you use a tripod.

4. Posing a mannequin bust

Make your jewelry more appealing by using props. A mannequin bust for necklaces can be purchased at most craft stores, which you can use to make your products look realistic.
We find that black busts are found in most Jwelry Stores, since they make jewelry pop and lend it an air of elegance. The best way to make your product look great is to photograph it on white, as we mentioned above. This applies to jewelry as well. You can cover your jewelry bust with a white cloth if you have only black jewelry. It is always possible to remove the background later.

5. A cardboard sheet

No mannequin? Create a clipboard for jewelry. You can pin or tape the necklace ends to a piece of cardboard covered in white paper. Don't worry too much about the size of the chain, as it can always be adjusted with where you clip it.
You'll need to spend some time using cardboard, but as with mannequins, it will show the necklace's natural shape and will look pretty good when taken from the front.
6. Double-sided tape, glue dots, or Blu-Tack

Glue dots, Blu-Tack, and double-sided tape can all be of great assistance when it comes to tying rings. It's possible to position the rings horizontally and get a very nice angle.

7. The string

Dangle earrings using fishing string or thread. A bit more time is required to set this up, but the results are well worth it. To make the string easier to use, fold a piece of cardboard in half and stretch the string from one panel to the next. If your dangling pieces are moving when you take the picture, make sure they have stopped moving.

Photographing Jewelry Tips

Consistently follow through

Shoppers will have an easier time browsing your products if your photography is consistent.
By establishing guidelines for how the images should be taken, your team can also maintain consistency. If you had a different photographer every time, your website would have a different style. The consumer would be confused as it would not look like the brand.

Make it simple

When in doubt, keep it simple. When it comes to showing off the product and its details, simplicity is key.
All your product images should have a simple, clean background.
While detailed pictures may be great for campaigns, when it comes to your online store, keep it as simple as possible to make it the easiest for shoppers to quickly view and visualize the product.

Make use of a reflector

Light will come from one direction if you're shooting by a window. The opposite side of the reflector can act as a fill light to even out the shadows. It is possible to have even lighting by using a reflector instead of mixing light sources.

Zoom in on the details and capture

By taking high-resolution photos of the item and capturing its details, you can enable zoom in your online store.
If your website has a zoom function enabled, shoppers will be able to Click on The Image and enlarge it to see every detail.
Showing the details is crucial so the shopper isn't left wondering what the side or back of the product looks like or what kind of clasp is used on the item.
Shoppers will know what to expect when they receive their order with detailed photos.

Working with models

The cost of working with models can be high, but the results can be great. As well as demonstrating how your product can be worn, it can also help to build your brand image for your ideal customer.
Each season, the Australian jewelry brand Bowerhaus works with a different model. It appears that the model was chosen based on the collection's look and style.

You may want to try moving GIFs

Unlike videos, moving GIFs are not very common on eCommerce stores, but they can add a lot of impact without taking a lot of space on the page.
One or two images on a product page can capture a shoppers' attention and also show the movement of a product, although not all images need to move.

Photograph jewelry today

It sounds almost too easy, doesn't it? Most of the props you will need, aside from the camera, lens, and tripod, you can find around the house, so stop being lazy and start taking some pictures!

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