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Mobile Applications have come a long way since they first made their appearance in the 1990s. With the internet revolution of the 21st century and the predicted industrial revolution 4.0. Applications are sure to gain added importance in the years to come.

But, what are the ingredients that go into making an application that is truly worth it?

No Room for Compromise
In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there have been considerable attempts to leverage the use of apps in response strategies across the globe. From helping in the coronavirus tracking to enhancing access to education. And getting people essential utilities, the attempts to leverage app capabilities have been diverse.

Equally prominent has been the criticism levelled against these app-based solutions. There have been flaws and concerns in the working of apps. But, the main reason for all this confusion is a lack of awareness about the factors that go into making a successful app.

You've got to put in the Money to build an apps
There is increasing talk about developing cheap apps. However, to what degree is this possible? Take a look at the app that used for this year's Iowa Presidential Caucus of the Democratic Party. The app was designed using a modest sum. And it ended up creating a disaster for all concerned.

The point is that you need an exceptionally talented human capital. And a rigorous process in order to create good quality apps. Neither of this is achievable if you are not ready to put in the required investment depending upon the scale that you wish to achieve.

Getting the Know-how to the Users
Even the most advanced design features cannot make your app successful if it fails to give a hassle-free experience to the user. App development needs to keep the end-user in mind. In the fast-paced world that we live in today, we cannot expect users to dish out 4 hours (or even half of that) to learn to use an app.

They will just uninstall it and go in for the next best option. An app can only aspire to be as good as the people who end up using it. Thus user-friendliness is key to building an efficient app.

Associated Infrastructure
Crafting an app-based economy is a very attractive prospect. The moves for the same are underway at different paces across the globe. However, to ensure that we make the most out of apps. We need to ensure an efficient supporting infrastructure. High-speed internet access is still a distant dream in many regions of the world. The success of app-based solutions will depend on the ability to improve digital infrastructure and connectivity.

In addition, we would also require users that are e-literate and capable of utilising apps and online platforms with ease.

Applications Concerns of Security
Data privacy and security issues are key to the discussion on building quality apps. Firstly, this is possible only when we are ready to make the appropriate investments. Secondly, addressing these concerns would require that end users are trained to be more competent in their usage of apps.

An app-based future surely puts before us a lot of attractive opportunities. The above-discussed factors will be of immense significance in creating quality apps that can make a difference.

Along with these factors, the development cost and time required to build apps are also important. How much time does it take will depends on many factors.

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