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Multi Select Layered Navigation


Make category navigation fast, simple, and user-friendly with Magento 2 Multi-Select Layered Navigation extension. It lets customers filter products by one or multiple attributes at a time to instantly find the relevant products.
The multi Select Layered navigation extension for Magento 2 allows customers to instantly find the products they need with the help of multiple filters. They can filter products by single or multiple attributes and price sliders to get the most relevant products. The extension uses the OR gate for multiple selections within the same filter and the AND gate for different filters to accurately narrow down products.

The Magento 2 Multi-Select Layered Navigation extension significantly improves the user experience as it makes in-store navigation easy, fast, and effective. It prevents the 18% of cart abandonments that occur due to difficult navigation. The extension also improves store SEO as customers can create custom URL keys for filter results.

Key Features
Single & Multi-Select Filtering
Show Item Count
Apply Filters on Individual Selection or All At Once
Price Slider For 'From-To' Filtering
Collapse Filters After Specific # of Layers
Enable 'More' Option For Filters With Many Attributes

Make Product Navigation Effortless

Easy product navigation is essential for an online store's success. The easier a customer finds the product he wants, the more likely he is going to convert. The Magento 2 layered navigation extension provides an intuitive navigation system to your customers where they can filter products by attribute of any kind on category pages. The navigation looks so user-friendly compared to the default Magento navigation.

Multi Select Filtering

The extension saves customers a considerable amount of time and enhances the search process as it allows them to search products by multiple attributes at a time. They can select multiple values of the same filter or different filters. With each selection, products will narrow down to display the most relevant results.

Find Products Within A Specific Price Range

Price filter is the most used filter as customers frequently search for products that are affordable and have good quality. The default Magento price filter is not as user-friendly as it should be i.e. you have to click 3 times if you are to find products between $30 and $60.

The extension makes price filtering as user-friendly as it can possibly get. Users just have to move the price slider left or right to narrow down products that fall within a specific price range.

Set The Number Of Expanded Filters

Determine how many filters should be displayed in expanded mode. Other filters are displayed as collapsed which are unfolded when a customer clicks on the filter name.

Enable 'More' Button To Load More Filter Values

Some filters have a lot of sub-filters and consume space. For such filters, you can enable the 'See More' option after a specific number of filter values. For example, you can choose to initially display 3 filter values. Customers can click on the 'See More' button to display the other values.

Enable 'Apply' Button

You can apply filters on each individual selection or enable the 'Apply' button to let customers multi-select filters and apply them in one go. The Apply button makes complex product filtering fast and simple.

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