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Majorly big enterprises do not launch their products to market directly without seeing how their targeted customers interact with them, so what they did is they launch a beta version of their main products, and then share with a specific audience, to see their reaction, and the drawbacks of the products, and what are the things need to be updated for the main product.

Now, why do they do that?

Functionality Centric Development Approach
Clearer Picture of Challenges
Initial Glimpse of UX for Beta Product
Users Pain Points Understanding
Easy Interface for Users
These above are just a few of the advantages that MVP offers to build a digital product, and prototyping is the 1st phase of development any of them, to understand the targeted market, and what are the preferences of those individuals, and how to consumes content, to build a product that they have never seen.

And because of incorporating prototyping & MVP development in the actual mobile or web-based app building process help making right every aspect of them, and because of that these organization reduces the chances of getting failed after launching it to the actual market.

Furthermore, many of you have seen big firms, like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and many more have launched a beta version of their new update to understand their existing audience, and to acquire a new set of audience to their similar platform, and by releasing these beta versions, they tested out many experiments, and because of those experiments, they launched their final versions, and they do get success in many cases.

*Therefore we need to understand the power of prototyping & MVP development for any digitalized business in the market, who is online, or willing to be online, and dominate the market with its incompetent Digital product.

This is my own experience of building mobile and web-based application from scratch to see how the audience behaves after launching the beta versions and then launch the actual final product to the market.*

However, any of you have any questions on Web & Mobile App design and development, I would love to answer them, and help you out getting better at this sector of tech revolutions.

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