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The 10 Most Influential Business Leader of 2021

To Lead is Destiny

Leadership in other words means Power. A leader has a great influence on the people he/she leads, and the actions taken by him directly impacts the life of the people. Before we begin the editorial on leadership, who exactly is considered a leader? Let's try to be reasonable and make justice by answering the question through this editorial.

Anyone who keeps others first and leads should be considered a leader. The one who supports motivates and is always ready to help others is a good leader. A leader can be anyone, just like the healthcare workers working to save lives in the tough times of pandemic. They took the stand to save humanity, risking their lives and can be called a leader. Our parents who work day in day out for us, sacrificing their own dreams to fulfill ours are leaders. In the same way, there are leaders in society who are always there for people in times of need.

For a Leader in business, leadership has more to do with getting the job done. So, it becomes crucial to take important decisions with a lot of patience and research. Managing the team and putting the best people at the best place brings the best out of the team. When innovation and technology are the buzz the business leader takes the courage to implement it in the organization. As it gives a competitive edge over all the competitors and the companies. As the quote from Spiderman goes, "With great power comes great responsibility". The leader represents the people in the business that is a big responsibility. The motive is serving people for good and making a difference in their lives.

Leadership is a calling too. The very fact that you worry about being a good leader makes you already one. To the world, they may be a leader, but to us they are Hero. It is the act of a leader to awake creativity and knowledge in the business and society. The involvement with the team members in the company brings the best out of the employees. As Benjamin Franklin righty quotes - "Tell me and I Forget, teach me and I Remember, involve me and I Learn". Leaders can change the world, examples are Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. They involve in the ever-learning process of innovation as there is always something to improve. The best part of being a leader is holding the power to mold the team and build a knowledge-based society. Although the position is challenging but success tastes sweeter when earned. And failure is a part of it.

With such ability to bring the change in the business or society Insights Success features such business leaders in its upcoming edition -The 10 Most Influential Business Leader of 2020. Featuring its Cover is Rodney Peyton, Owner and Consultant Surgeon at Peyton Medico- Legal Services. Rodney is involved in the healthcare industry for over 40 years. His proven systems and techniques are used around the world to teach surgical skills to everyone from trainee surgeons to experienced consultants. His core belief is the leadership role is all about adding value to and making a difference for, others and that the ability to bring about change for a group or for society is the key distinguishing feature between success as a person and success as a leader.

Lastly, do not forget to read about the CXO standpoints written by the industry experts and the creative articles drafted by the in-house editors.

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