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Alexey Chalimov: A Tech-Savvy Helping Businesses Bring their Ideas to Life

It was Alexey Chalimov's passion for building and launching new tech products that urged him to found Eastern Peak back in 2010, in the first place. Eastern Peak is a professional strategy consulting and technology provider that helps companies of all sizes and across different industries accelerate the speed at which they do business, improve their time to market, bring costs down, and instill productive changes in every process, employee, and business model.

As a Wharton Business School graduate, Alexey felt it was his calling to help businesses undergo digital transformation. He was also looking forward to leveraging my tech expertise in various industries.

Alexey thinks it's the fact that he has been fascinated with technology from the very start that made the major impact. His previous experience included working as a CEO, founder, and tech advisor in transportation, education, and app development sectors (GetTaxi, Maximum Education, and Ubertesters respectively). With it, he was capable of extending his experience further, and better understand the needs of the company's clients from different industries and business domains.

"Our innovative development team works at the forefront of modern technology and employs best practices in software development."

Alexey's connections with Eastern Europe were also highly impactful. His company needed vast technological expertise and R&D capacities to fulfill its mission. It could find tech talent in Israel, but not in the necessary quantities. So he went to Ukraine, a post-Soviet country with a large pool of excellent STEM talent to hire top-notch developers for Eastern Peak. Of course, the convenient location and Ukraine's strong cultural ties with Israel also played an important part.

Let's find out how Alexey has headed Eastern Peak to make it one-stop shop in agile digital transformation and innovation in an interview conducted between Alexey and Insights Success.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement?

As a tech consulting and development firm, we believe our mission is to help companies, large and small, to adapt to today's ever-changing business environment. We believe innovation is the key to surviving and thriving in the modern economy. We apply our expertise in AI, IoT, Big Data, and immersive technologies to help organizations flexibly adjust to all the economical, technological, and regulatory challenges. We also help startups enter the market with fresh business ideas.

Describe your company and its cutting-edge engineering and digital transformation solutions which address all the needs of your customers.

At Eastern Peak, we offer engineering and digital transformation services. We help organizations bridge the gap between business and technology by upgrading legacy systems and preparing their infrastructure for continuous innovations. Our clients' business goals come first - we leverage technology to help companies achieve better operational efficiency, accelerate time to market, improve and automate every process, starting from the most meticulous ones. We also build new products from scratch and offer a range of services to startups - from product discovery and branding to help them create powerful investor pitches in order to attract funding.

We specialize in IoT, enterprise digital transformation, SaaS, mobile app, and Uber-like solutions development, building websites, marketplaces, as well as fintech tools and platforms. We offer a range of cooperation models: managed projects, team extension, or on-demand services.

Needless to say, at Eastern Peak, we employ best-of-breed experts in these fields and recruit top Eastern Europe tech talent. Expertise and talent are our greatest assets.

Describe in detail the work culture and the values that drive your company.

At Eastern Peak we place a high emphasis on transparency, enabling clients to communicate with our remote teams as effectively as if they were working with their in-house developers.

We value trust, so it is important for us to let clients know what we are working on and for what purpose. We also strictly adhere to intellectual property laws, so our clients can trust us with their ideas. We ensure predictability and competence by delivering on time and sticking to a project's timeline.

Keeping communication lines open is also one of our strongest values. We run regular calls and meetings and our clients can always reach us with their feedback.

What is your idea of Corporate Social Responsibility?

We are a global company, working internationally, so we view fostering business growth and innovation as our major CSR initiative. For example, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were helping brick-and-mortar businesses, regardless of size and location, to shift online, digitize their projects and services, discover new business opportunities, and build emergency response strategies.

An important part of our CSR vision is being a responsible employer. We make sure our wage structure is fair and transparent and offer possibilities for employee training and development. We also put forth significant efforts to create a safe work environment for our employees, with professional air-purification and hand-sanitizing stations on-premises - which is especially important in the post-pandemic reality.

What are your company's future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals?

In the future, we plan to keep up the good work in line with our mission: helping businesses across all industries and domains achieve better outcomes with digital transformation. In this regard, attracting the best talent, keeping abreast of the emerging technologies and continuous learning are the best strategies.

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