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Having Trouble Writing Your Narrative Essay? 
Students are asked to write different academic essays. Sometimes it’s tough to write and differentiate between contrasting academic patterns and formats as they all look the same but are totally different. 
Most of the time, students get confused between narrative and descriptive essays. This article will aid you to demonstrate what a narrative essay is and how to write it according to given patterns. 
What Is A Narrative Essay?
A narrative essay is all about revealing a story. Narrative essays are based on a strong and clear point of view, that is why you can always find an emotional attachment while reading or writing a narrative essay as it displays the moods, elements, and little details about your story. It tells and investigates the adventures, experience, and events that occurred in the writer’s life and It has a proper plot. 
What Is The Descriptive Essay?
Students often mix these two categories. Well, the descriptive essay is about the personality (person), a place, adventure, happening, or an object that is written without fastening all the events together. The polt is missing in this type of essay and you’ll stick to just one specific thing instead of mixing it up with other events and perspectives. 
There are students who find essay writing dry and boring and often seek help. If you’re not a writing person and worrying who can write my essay then, fortunately, a number of essay writing services are there to help you out with your academic writing assignments. 
Thus, keep your mind calm and take assistance from them and work on your goals. Writing could be interesting if you pick the topic or incident that is really interesting to you. Some students love to write narrative essays as they give you a chance to tell something that you’ve been wishing to share with people. 
To write a perfect narrative essay, you should know these five essential elements of storytelling. 

  1. Plot
  2. Setting
  3. Character
  4. Climax 
  5. Ending

A narrative essay requires strong writing skills that exhibits a story with minor details, and smoothly move from one event to another. You should write it in such a manner that events, texts, and writing formats can support your story. 
Plan Your Essay
You can not directly start writing your write essay for me assignment. Planning or preparation before actually starting the project is essential. You need to summarize your topic and have to gather some relevant data if required and for a narrative essay, the source of data collection is your own mind. 
What Should Be Worth Telling?
Choose your subject of writing carefully as it should be amazing and interesting for you and your readers. As you have learned so far that narrative essay revolves around the author’s experiences so you don’t need any outside sources to collect data. 
Once you’ll be done with the topic. You need to follow these tips to produce a perfect essay.

  • It should be written from an essay writer’s perspective
  •  Events should support the focal point
  • There should be pinpoint details
  • Use realistic verbs and modifiers
  • 3 act structure should be applied, as every story is based on this structure
  • May have dialogues (if needed)

The main demand of this essay is to explain something more or less like a story and you should not forget it throughout your essay.
Construct The Essay Like A Story
The professors just guide you about the format or pattern of the essay and they want you to show your creative and analytical skills. Your essay should be understandable enough and you need to put an element of what next in every event. This helps to engage your audience and provoke them to read the whole essay.
Structure Of The Essay
Go with the basic structure for writing an essay such as:
Body Paragraphs

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