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With globalization on the rise and changing the way that work gets done, we are increasingly spending more of our work hours as a member of a team. In addition, teams are continuing to be more dynamic, complex, and regularly needed agility more than ever before.
Join this webinar to learn several proven tips for how to improve team collaboration using a tool that will help you discover how you like to work and communicate, how to build more effective relationships, improve team and workplace performance, increase team cohesion and your own workplace satisfaction.
Why Should You Attend
Have you ever wondered why it's so easy to work with some people and more challenging to work with others? Are there people in your organization you get along with really well? Are there some that you don't get along with? Why do you think that is?
By attending this webinar, you will learn how you can mitigate the typical problems of working on a team with a variety of personalities. Discover your communication style, how you like to work, how to identify the communication style of others, how to decipher how your peers like to work via nonverbals, and interpersonal style. Use that knowledge to build more effective relationships and extend that learning to help your organization with onboarding new team members and improve overall team cohesion. After attending this webinar, you will feel you have a tool you can use to increase team collaboration and build more effective relationships- not just at work, but in life.
Objectives of the Presentation
>> Identify the benefits of a career development program
>> Understand generational differences in important job factors that influence their choices
>> Learn about the ITS model for career development and the process it follows
>> Discuss the differences between career options and paths
>> Explore the different techniques and tools available to create a career development program
>> Take away knowledge from case studies and examples of companies that have applied for career development programs
Areas Covered in the Session
>> The state of teams today
>> Typical problems in team cohesion and productivity
>> Identifying your own personal team style
>> Discovering the DiSC Personality model
>> Identifying your priorities & motivations
>> How to build more effective relationships with team members
>> Getting better team commitment, collaboration, cohesion & empowerment
>> Using DiSC for new employee onboarding, managing others, improving company culture, and productive use of conflict
>> The role of emotional intelligence in today's workplace
Who Will Benefit
>> Anyone working in teams or with people in the workplace
To Register (or) for more details please click on this below link:
Toll Free No:1-844-511-8858
Tel: +1-913-871-1466

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