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Famous Essay Writers: John Robert Fowles and His Wormholes
When considering the works of famous writers it is always useful to read not only their fictional works but their interviews, diaries, essays, etc. Among these sources essays play a very important part, since in this type of writing these authors may express their attitude towards anything in human life and reading them will be an essay writing help for you.

Thus, John Fowles, an author of The Collector, The Magus, and many other inspiring works, is also a famous essay writer.

What does the famous essay writer say about in his non-fiction works?

In his essays Fowles considers his own life, literature issues, political issues; he is also concerned with nature issue. This famous essay writer expresses his attitude towards the modern and classic European literature. Fowles contemplates on the main trend in modern literature and depicts the central figures of the world literature.

The famous essay writer also considers his own role in the world literature, and reveals the main destination of the literature and writers. A very considerable part of the works of Fowles, as the famous essay writer, is concerned with nature and humans interrelation. Fowles persuades that people should stop destroying their own home. This famous essay writer is also preoccupied with the different issue of society life. He discusses the gender problems, reveals his political views, actually, in his works he touches almost every facet of versatile people's life. Wormholes: the famous essay collection of the famous essay writer

According to the writers from essay and algebra help service if you got interested in the non-fictional works by this famous essay writer and start searching for his essay in different sources, you may breathe a sigh of relief. In 1198 Fowles published his collection of the essays, The Wormholes. In this book you may find the most significant non-fiction works by the famous essay writer, besides, in the end of the book there is an interview with John Fowles.


Writing Tips on How You can Write a Proposal Essay

If you are writing a proposal essay, then you might just do a lot of convincing.

The purpose of a proposal essay is to persuade your readers that your product or your idea is the best solution to a certain problem.

In a proposal essay, you may be writing on how your product can be better when used in a certain situation or set up.

These are the reason why you need to write a good proposal essay and here are some tips that you can make use of for you to have the best proposal that you can write.

  • When you write a proposal essay, you need to back up you proposal with a well organized data that will back up the proposal that you have, A well written proposal will help convince your readers of your proposal.
  • Your proposal essay should reflect confidence. You can do this by having a well written paper that is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. This will give your readers the idea that the author is intelligent enough in writing the proposal and that the author knows just what he is saying.
  • In the introduction part of your proposal essay, you need to present the problem and the proposed solution. Then support the solution that you proposed in the body if your proposal essay. Then restate the problem at the conclusion part and also restate the proposed solution.

These are just some of the things that you need to do for you to have a good proposal essay. You will know that your essay is good when you have convinced your readers of your proposal.
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Thank you for this article, it's really useful! I am a student myself, and I was looking for some essay writing tips for a very long time. But then I found and I they fixed all my mistakes really well, so if you need some help with writing - just ask them about it.
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