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You have been hacked! What Now? »


A cyber-criminal targeted you for an attack and has gained complete access to the organization's data. It is really a terrible experience and with the assistance of Tridentsec security services, you can recover from it.

We are living in the electronic age, where vulnerabilities are something that we should never ignore, as it will lead to data breach and major security issues which can drastically hamper an organization's productivity.

There can be various loopholes in your web application or some security vulnerabilities in your FTP or Web servers. A weakness might be present in your system that is hosted on a cloud provider. A huge collection of digital data can be misused by malicious hackers and they can launch an illegal attack.

What to do next?

Getting testing done by a cybersecurity expert is what you should consider first. But now the question arises which provider to opt for and that too at a reasonable price.

Don't worry, Tridentsec will resolve all your queries.

You just need to identify your testing requirement based on the type of vulnerability.
Tridensec Cybersecurity Services

1. Web application penetration testing.

Since web and sass (Software as a Service)applications have gained much popularity in most of the online business and company. So Tridentsec concern is to protect and secure your sensitive web application data from any third party or illegal cyber attacks. There are various companies and organizations which have web or Saas applications and are widely used on the internet by many users and these web or SaaS applications have always been a major target for cyber attacks. To prevent thisTridentsec comes with very efficient web application penetration testing techniques to protect your web applications from unauthorized access or data exposure. Our team is going to test your web application with the best and industry-standard web security tools. After your web application security test, our team will provide you detailed Penetration testing report on any identified threats and it's impact on your organization.
2. Network penetration testing.

Network penetration testing makes checks and identifies the security issues before any hacker would find out and exploit the data on your network applications. Our cybersecurity experts check what ports are open on your network and if the services running on them are configured correctly or not because they can create an easy medium for the hackers to enter into your network and access your data in an unauthorized way. Our network penetration testing services include both internal and external penetration testing as threats or vulnerabilities can exist on both External and Internal networks. We come up with the most efficient security assessments for your organization and we test your network from the attacker's point of view. Our network penetration testing team is well equipped with industry-standard tools such as Metasploit, Nmap, Nessus, to keep your network secure from any internal or external cyberattacks.
3. Application penetration testing.

Application security is one of the most crucial aspects for many android and ios application companies. Mobile applications whether it can be android or ios are very delicate and have access to users' devices and their sensitive information and are much prone to cyber threats. Tridentsec checks your android application and its security architecture which makes it much easier to find out various application vulnerabilities such as insecure data storage, API hooking, etc. With the help of our Penetration Testing team, we can help you in finding security issues and threats in your mobile application and find structured solutions for them. We use manual and automated penetration testing to find out all the vulnerabilities in your android or iOS applications.
4. Cloud penetration testing.

Cloud computing is of the most in-demand services which are used by various organizations and companies for maintaining and storage of their data. Various organizations use different types of cloud deployment models for running their applications. Cloud computing cyberattacks mainly threats against data or systems hosted on the cloud. Cloud penetration testing is required to secure your data from any cyberattacks and to make an assurance for the security of your cloud applications. Many companies and organizations are now moving their data on cloud services and we aim to provide you most efficient security testing on your cloud data in spite of on which system it is hostedSaaS(software as a service), PaaS(platform as a service), or IaaS( Infrastructure as a service).

The Bottom Line.

Our penetration testing team is well skilled to find out any systematic and security misconfiguration problems in your Network and Cloud infrastructure as well as in your Web or Mobile Applications. The main goal of Tridentsec is to keep your data and organization secure and to find out and prevent any threats or cyberattacks that can harm your business in anyways.

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You have been hacked! What Now? »
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You have been hacked! What Now?

You have been hacked! What Now? »
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