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A Beginner's Guide To eCommerce Mobile App Development | X-Byte Enterprise Solutions

eCommerce mobile app development is the only future-proof concept today. Even a global pandemic couldn't restrain the growth of mobile commerce solutions as people from around the world resorted to their apps to order food, groceries, products, services, essentials and more.
Having become intertwined with our lives, mobile eCommerce seems to have made desktops obsolete to an extent as well. Today, most of our purchases are impulsive and from our portable devices. We see a newsletter or a push notification on deals and we intend to immediately click on them and make a purchase. All our entertainment solutions are also through our mobile and tablet apps.

Key eCommerce App Development Statistics
To give you an idea of how much eCommerce mobile app development has grown and has become an integral part of our lives, here are some quick statistics:
Mobile apps are expected to generate a global revenue of over $935bn by 2023.
Close to 21% of the millennials around the world access their apps over 50 times a day.
The rest of the population opens apps over 11 times a day.
There are between 10 and 30 different apps installed in the smartphone of an average user.
Google Play features close to 2.87mn apps and Apple App Store houses close to 1.96mn apps.
Over 79% of the users out there have bought a product or a service from their smartphone apps.
Mobile-assisted purchases are also increasing in retail stores, where around 80% of the shoppers used an app to check out reviews, compare prices, view deals and do more.
78% of the users prefer to use an app over a website or a retail store.
These numbers are compelling and point towards the direction that your business needs to incorporate eCommerce app development if it intends to remain relevant and competitive in the market. While your competitors are witnessing increased traffic, conversions and sales, you might be missing out on a potential opportunity and may even end up losing your loyal customers to your competitors.
This is the time to adapt, improvise and overcome and this extensive guide will help you do that in the most seamless way possible. We have compiled all the contextual information you need to get started with eCommerce mobile app development for your business and make way for profits in 2021.
So, let's get started.

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