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ReactJS or Angular- Which one to opt for? | Copperchips


A basic website is required to extract data from the backend and present it to the users. For instance, in simpler terms, if we open a website all we do is request the server to send all the files related to the URL entered.

Tools like HTML, CSS, and Javascript are quite useful when the count of visitors to the website is low. But if a large number of people are visiting your website at the same time, these tools won't be helpful. These tools will request pages from the backend one by one. Consequently, the server will be loaded with requests resulting in a longer wait for the users. This is when tools like ReactJS and Angular come useful.

Why use React JS and Angular?
ReactJS and Angular require the developers to write the code following their syntax and rules. They will provide the developers with static files that need to be deployed on the server. The single-page applications made by these frameworks will display content through Javascript running in the background. Henceforth, the users will be able to access the website within seconds.

We have now seen why there is a stark need to learn different frameworks to build complex frontend applications. However, developers often get confused as to which one among ReactJS and Angular should they learn. This article contains facts about ReactJS and Angular. By the end of this article, the readers will be able to decide which one among the two will be best for their business.

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