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Are you an orthopedic surgeon looking to deepen your knowledge and skills in joint replacement surgery? Dr. Anoop Jhurani, a pioneer in robotic and computer-assisted knee and hip surgeries, offers a comprehensive four-week fellowship program at Fortis Hospital Jaipur. This fellowship is designed to provide in-depth training in the latest surgical techniques and technologies.
Key Benefits of the Fellowship Program
1. Preoperative Evaluation and Patient Selection
* Learn the critical aspects of preoperative evaluation.
* Understand how to select the right patients for joint replacement surgeries.
* Master radiological planning for optimal surgical outcomes.
2. Hands-On Surgical Training
* Scrub in and assist with selected cases of robotic and computer-assisted surgeries.
* Gain insights into the principles of deformity correction and soft tissue balancing.
* Learn the nuances of partial, total knee, hip, and revision surgeries.
3. Postoperative Care and Complication Prevention
* Receive training in postoperative evaluation and patient care.
* Understand the strategies to prevent and manage potential complications.
4. Research and Data Collection
* Participate in meticulous data collection and arthroplasty research.
* Contribute to ongoing studies and gain a deeper understanding of research methodologies.
Why Choose This Fellowship?
* Expert Mentorship: Learn from Dr. Anoop Jhurani, a renowned expert in robotic and computer-assisted joint replacement surgeries.
* Advanced Training: Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge surgical technologies and techniques.
* Comprehensive Learning: Cover all critical aspects of joint replacement surgery from preoperative planning to postoperative care.
* Research Opportunities: Engage in meaningful research and data collection to contribute to orthopedics.
Join our fellowship program and take a significant step forward in your orthopedic career. Enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, and become a part of the future of joint replacement surgery. For more information and to apply, visit our website or contact us directly. Elevate your surgical expertise with Dr. Anoop Jhurani's Fellowship in Knee and Hip Surgery at Fortis Hospital Jaipur.

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