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The 10 Most Influential Leaders in HR

Adapting to Uncertain Times

The business world is continually evolving with innovative solutions and companies are adapting to these changes. What stays valuable is the culture built by the company. It is the work culture that can make or break any business.

This is where HR professionals come into the picture, as it is these people who introduce the culture of diversity and inclusion in any business. HR leaders are surrounded by training, hiring, and conducting activities for the employees. With their kind gesture, they fill the workplace environment with positivity and energy. Their role is defined by solving the issues of the employees, maintaining relationships with the employees, and much more.

HR leaders understand the importance of teamwork and are aware of the importance of team spirit to bring motivation among the employees. It is because of their quality of care because of which any company creates a healthy working culture that delivers great results. Constantly trying new things, new skills and techniques help to keep things updated and moving in HR.

There is always a difference between leadership and management and HR leaders work on managing both aspects. And, that is the core of leadership. Finding the right talent at the right place at the right time makes things happen. HR leaders discover and support employee talents where employees can enjoy the working in company. They actually strive to make their companies a better place for people to work by supporting them to fulfill their dreams.

We are blessed to have HR leaders around us with their creative and inspirational ideas which inspire the employees to work with ethics. Often, we face challenges in our personal and professional lives, but building a healthy environment and putting a smile on our face is really a great strength of HR leaders. The enthusiasm to take responsibility ultimately helps to achieve the success of the organization.

Today, HR management is going through a change, especially with the covid norms, work from home, and digitalization workforce is emerging. This affects the way HR leaders' processes, but they are keeping the work organized for the company and the employees superbly. They are now more involved in taking care of the physical, emotional, and social care of the employees. They have well adapted to this change as their strength of communication skills becomes crucial in these times.

It is because of these HR leaders that employees get new opportunities to grow as they keep a happy workforce and clear communication with the involvement of the employees. Whether in the company or outside, one thing they teach us that with humbleness, care and support we can keep humanity alive in this volatile world of technology as well.

Being aware of the responsibilities of such HR leaders and understanding their contribution to the industry, Insights Success shares their journey in its upcoming edition of "The 10 Most Influential Leaders in HR". Featuring on the Cover Story of this edition is Mara Schar, CEO and Founder of Joy Corporate GmbH. Mara is an exemplary leader with a human touch who is contributing so much to the lives of employees and making a difference.

Lastly, while turning into more pages do not miss to read about the CXO standpoints by the industry experts and the informative articles written by our in-house editorial team.

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