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Services Overview - Tradewind Finance

Services Overview - Tradewind Finance
With more than 20 offices worldwide, we finance transactions with importers and exporters globally

Non-Recourse Export Factoring
Specialized in cross-border transactions and with an emphasis on eliminating trade risk, Tradewind offers non-recourse international export factoring. This financial tool helps companies accelerate cash flow, improve collections and control exposure to bad debts. By leveraging your international account receivables, you can count on having immediate access to an expandable source of funds to accommodate your firm's growth.

Financing: We advance up to 95% of invoice value and fund within 24-48 hours of receiving your request, or even faster in some cases.

Credit Protection (non-recourse): We eliminate all credit risk by acting as an intermediary between buyer and seller, covering the risk of shortfall of payment due to buyer's insolvency.

Collections and Reporting: Our local experts act as an extension of your back office and perform collections, dunning and account receivables bookkeeping on your behalf. We also act as your credit department and monitor the credit worthiness of your customers.

Supply Chain Finance
In addition to factoring your export account receivables, Tradewind can also finance your full supply chain. Our global financing programs can support facilities based on payables, receivables, and inventory.

We can provide funding to foreign suppliers based on your creditworthiness and financial strength, or support off-balance sheet inventory arrangements.
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Services Overview - Tradewind Finance
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