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Key SEO metrics that you should keep a track to improve your ranking
Search engine optimization has always been the most preferred tool for digital marketers to boost business. Not only does it help in ranking but also improves brand visibility and sales. SEO agencies in Mumbai often use various strategies to get your brands at the forefront. In today's article we have shared a few key SEO metrics that should be consider while building SEO strategies for your business. Let us take a look at the 8 essential metrics to track SEO ranking before initiating your efforts.

Organic Traffic-
First and foremost, the SEO agency in Mumbai that you hire should check for your website's organic traffic before initiating any work. It is essential for you to know your organic traffic metrics to further plan strategies for improvement. By organic traffic we mean the number of online visitors coming to the website from a search. This is pure traffic which has no involvement of paid reviews, influence or through reference. The visitors found your website by simply hitting search on Google. The organic traffic is important for it tells you where your website is placed and ranked on search engines. You can use tools like Google Analytics to check your organic search sessions, new users, bounce rate, and page duration which is useful for building SEO Strategies.

Check for Keywords you ranked-
Keywords are essential elements that play a crucial role in ranking your website and helping you connect to relevant clients for your services. So, it is essential for you to know currently for the keywords that you are ranked on Google. Having said that, you can definitely take help of an SEO Strategists by availing their SEO services in Mumbai. This information will help you identify where you lack and target keywords that you are not currently ranking for and have huge potential for tapping.

Identify Keywords you want to rank your business-
Keywords are crucial for gaining traffic. So, you must identify relevant keywords for your business for which the search volumes are high. This information can help you accordingly strategize your plan around it and allocate resources to achieve rankings for it. While the SEO company in Mumbai that you hired will do it for you, you too can identify keywords using relevant tools like or Keywords Everywhere to see the search volume for a keyword. With this you can figure out what keywords you can invest your time and resources toward ranking your business.

Social Traffic-
Your social traffic will tell you how many website visitors are coming from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Tracking your social traffic is equally important for your business. Most businesses also invest significant resources into a social media strategy. So, with this if you are still not getting the required traffic you would need to plan some other strategy. By tracking the social media traffic metrics, you can see how well your social strategy are working for your business and which platform is helping your website gain better traffic. You can use Google Analytics for it shows you how many website visitors came from social media channels.

Voice Search Ranking-
Yes, Voice search ranking is a big deal. Deepening on your business and the industry you cover you could have monumental results for your business. Ranking for your keywords on Google is important, and but ranking on voice search should also be equally considered. Studies suggest 48of consumers in an Adobe survey said they use voice for web searches. Having said that it seems like a huge deal for businesses now and is definitely worth looking into how it could be used to your benefit.

Tracking backlinks-
Backlinks significantly help in the SEO ranking. So, tracking the backlinks will show how good your content is and the number of free backlinks you earn will do the magic for you. However, you should even consider checking your competitor's backlinks for it will help you see how they are managing. You can see backlinks to your website on Google Search Console and plan out your strategy.

Check your website page speed-
Checking your page speed is critical for it plays a key role in SEO ranking as well. Slow page speed may increase the bounce rate on your website and hamper your SEO ranking. Bounce rate is a negative indicator to Google that your content is not appropriate and not what you are looking for and may replace you with your competitor in the rankings. Google tends to push your SEO ranking down if your page speed is slow. Use Page Speed Insights by Google to check the page speed of each page and ask your SEO agency suggestion for fixing it before it hampers your business.

The metrics mentioned above is crucial for your business and its ranking. Not only will the results help you identify loopholes, but also help you in the decision making. With critical information like this you can take important decisions on allocating resources for necessary strategies and benefit from it. Personally, I would suggest every business and SEO agency in Mumbai to consider evaluating these metrics if they wish to rank your website high on Google.

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I want to congratulate you for taking time to research such best perfect fact. It help me a lot Thanks!
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