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At Retreat Kula, we are united in creating a community of like-minded beings who join together to celebrate the growth of yoga and wellness travel. We achieve it through deeper meaning and a higher purpose coupled with extreme consciousness. Ours is a community of Retreat: Lovers, Trainers, Organizers, Group Leaders, Tour Organizers, Volunteers, Hosts and Tour Guides who have shared values and purpose in running quality retreats for each level of practitioners and enthusiasts.

Yoga Retreat in Nepal

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Breath of Fresh Air Retreats is a fusion of everything that has allowed us to reinvite health and happiness back into our own lives; nature, community, and most of all - presence. We’ve created an all-inclusive retreat program that allows guests to embark on a life-changing journey whilst continuously practicing present moment awareness; taking the worry, planning, and overthinking out of vacationing so one can focus on what’s most important. With a professional photographer in tow, we aim to show guests all of the beauty, all of the bounty, of this big world in real time; returning home weeks later with a gallery of priceless moments and feeling more alive than ever before.

 	Breath of Fresh Air : Life Changing Journey, Nepal -

There's simply no greater gift after a day of braving the elements than the reaching your destination and being welcomed by the loving arms and...

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