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One-click leads to 5 minute learning! KoolStories is a microlearning app where you gain knowledge from experts in real-time. We believe that we learn better when we come together. The theory of social learning inspires our idea of knowledge sharing through micro courses. Likewise, we restore the concept of active participation in the online community. Embrace the social side of learning and experience impressive improvements in your lifestyle, creativity, and soft skills immediately. Our bite-sized audio-video content makes learning easier, time-saving and effective. On top of that, one-on-one sessions with experts help you to complete your learning curve. You get career guidance, answers to your questions and 24x7 support from experts to upskill with sheer mastery. To empower your interactivity, we provide a global chat of curious learners. You can talk with like-minded learners, share ideas and build a community of valuable support. There is much more to discuss, but some surprises await you on our App too. Just type “KoolStories” on Appstore and Google play store to explore the new era of learning. We are looking forward to meet you. Download the app here: Quit the Normal, Be Kool!

How do Content Creators Benefit From NFT?

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Can NFT be a viable career? or is it another techno trend which might get busted anytime?
The answers are complicated, but creators have...

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NFT is re-structuring money-making possibilities, and creators are at its forefront. Learn new ways of selling your content and becoming an NFT (...

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