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Hippo Wallet is a private and secure, decentralized non-custodial crypto wallet that provides the best possible experience and ease of use. It allows users to send, receive and store their digital assets through a mobile app (iOS and Android) or a desktop app (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Hippo Wallet features a 24 mnemonic private key, secure login, token wallet, the ability for users to connect to their own node, and many more features to come. Hippo Wallet provides a simple and secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications so users are always in control when interacting on the new decentralized web. It also generates passwords and keys on users' devices, so only they have access to their accounts and data.

Hippo Wallet, Now Supporting More Cryptos

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Hippo Wallet is a private and secure, non-custodial crypto wallet created by Blockchain Commodities--a leading custom blockchain software...

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