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Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections Peptide CAS No. 910463-68-2

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COCO | Sales manager Phone:+86 15369971877(whatsapp) Common Name: Semaglutide CAS Number 910463–68–2 Molecular Weight 4113.578 Density N/A Boiling Point N/A Molecular Formula C187H291N45O59 Packing and Delievery Liquid 1L / Bottle, 25L/drum (5L, 10L all available) Powder 1kg/ plastic bag, 25KG/drum (5kg, 10kg all available) Basically, our product MOQ is 1KG/1L for testing. Bulk price is much cheaper, due to 1L/1kg shipping fee is high. 25kg/Fiber drum , inner double plastic bags . 5kg/Aluminum foil bag 1kg/Aluminum foil bag . Hot sale CAS 910463–68–2 CAS 2023788–19–2 CAS 2381089–89–2 CAS2732926–14–6 CAS 103–63–9 CAS 1119–21–3 CAS 14461–91–7 CAS 220024–84–0 CAS 307297–39–8 CAS 597562–32–8 CAS 1627580–64–6 CAS 75921–69–6 CAS 121062–08–6 CAS 103–90–2

COCO | Sales manager
Phone:+86 15369971877(whatsapp)

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