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At present, Dr. Muharrem Oner has been confirmed by DHA as General Surgery Specialist. He began working at the Surgical Oncology Institute in Alzahra Clinic, an especially special place for diligent oncology Dr. Oner began working at the Al Moosa Day Care Center, one of the nation's busiest. There, Dr. Oner carries out his endoscopic programs, including gastroscopy,colonoscopy, extension of participation and evacuation.Dr. Muharrem Oner has limitless expertise in a wide range of general restorative strategy approaches. In 2008, Dr. Oner began his private therapeutic center at the International Acibadem Clinic, one of the most relevant and proven private crisis facilities in Turkey.

Colon Polyps Dubai
The large intestine is a hollow structure found at the bottom of the digestive tract. Polypse development happens when some unexpected modifications or mutations arise in the genetic material within the cells that line the colon. Such mutations may appear after birth or may evolve prior to birth. As per the normal functioning of the human body, the immature cells lining the colon normally divide, mature and die at a specific time. There, pathological genetic changes play their part and discourage cells from maturing and dissolving further. As a result, these genetically abnormal cells tend to multiply and induce the development of polyps.

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Hiatal Hernia Dubai | Hiatal Hernia UAE | Dr. Muharrem Oner

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