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Allah (SWT) pardons all the sins of man even equal to whole sand on the earth but He (SWT) never forgives a little bit shirk.Shirk can be forgiven only on the earth or before the death, if man does strong promise with Allah (SWT) not to associate some other things with Him.

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Slander means to accuse someone else of any matter in which two major accusations are found in societies such as Zina and thieving. There are dreadful results of slander who is accused by someone liar (Fasiq). Slander is totally haraam (prohibited) in Islam and it is considered one of the major sin of seven.

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Certainly, Kaaba is the House of Allah-Almighty and it was built by the Prophet of Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismael (AS). After exteriorizing from his native land by his father and king Namrud because of preaching the Monotheism, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) settled his family in the deserted valley of Mecca.

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Hajj Umrah Packages, Hajj Deals & Hajj Tours All Information About Hajj and Umrah is provided in Just One Place.

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There are frequent Umrah packages in 2019 including abundant days effort that can be the finest companion of your expedition without being under pressure. Make it certain that the Umrah deal you select will suits you in the best ways.

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The Umrah refers to trip or journey and Muslims move to holy cities of Makkah and Madinah to perform Umrah and complete their religious obligation in the House of Allah the Almighty. Grab up to book your Ramadan Umrah deals by Islamic Travel UK.

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It is essential to necessitate some time and investment to explore and pick out the best deals to perform Umrah in the House of Allah, Holy Haram, Umrah packages which suit you best. There are masses of things to be well-thought-out to indicate a 5 star Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 from London.

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Explore the prehistoric incidents of Islam such as Message of Islam To the Governor of Bahrain From Prophet Muhammad (Saw). It is our responsibility to get some knowledge about our religion and realize the sacrifices of our Prophet (PBUH) and His Sahaba's. Check out here the full detail about it.

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Umrah and Hajj both are religious and most-recommended worships if you have enough resources and mental and physical fitness. These worships are performed in the Holy city of Makkah and all obligatory rituals of Hajj and Umrah can be completed in the land of Makkah. The Three Pillars of Jamarat in Mecca is another interesting topic to discuss. Read out full blog and get updated yourself.

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Hajj is obligatory Ibdah for all Muslim brothers and sisters, therefore, to gain supreme rewards through this worship, we know each and everything such as How do Girls Do Wudu and Ghusl During Hajj. Purification is the first step for every religious act. Make yourself purify and complete your daily worships.

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We all know that Umrah is the minor but recommended pilgrimage to Makkah and we must follow the Forbidden and allowable hunting during the Umrah worship. If we follow a Sunnah path then we will get the great reward by Allah the Almighty. Hurry up to grab your deals and complete your religious duty.

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The Purpose of Ihram relates to humanity, brotherhood, equality etc. We must avoid inferiority and superiority concept. Hajj and Umrah both show the message of brotherhood and peace. Muslims belong to very peaceful and calm nation.

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As we all know that Allah has made this wonderful universe in just seven days and nights and the First Caretaker of Earth is Hazrat Adam (A.S). Now it is our duty to save our planet and live peacefully, so the earth will become the heaven for humans.

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There are several major sins we commit in our daily life. But Sins of Greatest Punishment after Death in Grave consider most dangerous. We must avoid these sins and make pardon to Allah if you have done something wrong. Allah is Great Listener, He will definitely forgive you.

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Maintaining the Holiness After Ramadan Umrah 2019 is the biggest issue among the Muslim brothers and sisters. There are several ways to maintain the spirituality after the month of Ramadan like don't miss your Fajr prayer, recite the Holy Quran, offering Salah behind the Imam and behave kind with other people.

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Easy Booking of 2019 Ramadan Umrah Packages for UK Muslims is now available just on Umrah Experts. These deals are according to your requirements and budget and specially design for the Muslim community of United Kingdom. Hurry up to grab your deals now!

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Ten Commandments in the Holy Quran from Allah are mentioned in it and we must follow these commandments to make our life easier and stress-free. In the instructions of Allah, there are hidden benefits for the humankind, therefore follow the rules of Allah blindly.

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Muslims offer Salah five times a day with a true intention but The Significance of The Fajr Prayer in the Life of Muslims holds the great level and worth due to its countless rewards and blessings. If you start your day with Fajr Salah then your all day keeps happy and healthy.

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If you want to become a true believer than follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and instructions of Allah the Almighty. These Sunnah are golden words and treasure for all the humanity. If someone holds the string of Allah and His Last Messenger Muhammad (PBUH).

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If you belong to a Muslim community, you would feel as the luckiest person in the world because you are aware of all the blessings that have been provided by Allah Subhana Watallah to his people. Islam has given a complete set of guidance and direction to its people.

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To gain the supreme reward by Allah the Almighty must Visit Masjid Jummah During Umrah in Ramadan. It is the best place to recall Allah and get the maximum blessings and sacred signs. Must visit it during your Umrah journey.

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Al Hijaz Travel gives the top-class and cheaper Ramadan Umrah Packages throughout the year with least inexpensive umrah deals from London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bradford, UK. Only connect with our professional Agents.

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Every religion is consisting on some creeds and fundamentals. similarly, Importance of The Islamic Calendar Months And Umrah is the biggest concept to get knowledge about it. Read out full article to get this informative post.

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Book your ideal and dream Umrah Packages with Flights from UK by Islamic Travel and complete your mystical pilgrimage in Makkah to gain the prodigious prize by Allah the Creator.

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Islamic Travel UK offers you packages as indicated by your financial plan and requests. We give you best and cheap direct and indirect flight programs to London alongside the choice of, • 3, 4, and 5 Star accommodations.

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Book Islamic Travel's Umrah Package at Cheapest Price in UK to accomplish your religious responsibility. Don't be late to book our cheap deals.

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Umrah Cheap Flights to Saudi Arabia with Islamic Travel is one of the top services which Muslims of UK prefer before going to Umrah worship. Don't be late to book our Umrah deals.

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Our religion has its own importance and customs and Azan is on of them, therefore, The Value of Adhan in the Religion of Peace Islam is the greatest thing for all Muslim Ummah.

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Are you holidaymaker and want to explore the world then Lets make Umrah tour possible this December from Alhijaz Travel. Hurry up tp grab our deals which are economical and affordable for every class of people.

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Hajj Packages 2019 from London at Cheapest Price in UK are easily available for the residents of London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford. Book your dream deals of Umrah as early as possible.

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