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Cuties by Zootys is your one-stop solution for a wide variety of Hi-Vis Clothing which is ideally suited for your kids to play outside. Find the best kids hi-vis shirts, children's Onesies including contrast collars, reflective stripes, buttoned pockets and much more. Visit now... Cuties by Zootys provide Hi Viz work shirts and clothing for kids in Australia who need help understanding your work and why you need to leave home. Cuties by Zootys haven't stopped at just clothing, there is a cuddly companion, Zooty Bear and kids books relating to working in a big mine. One thing that I particularly like is that Cuties by Zootys has product relating to Mum and Dad so whether it is Mum who works at the mine or it's Dad, there is a specific book, specific bear shirt and the right coloured Hi Viz working clothing. Yes, the outfits come in pink, blue or orange depending on the design you choose.

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