Blue Work Shirt - Cuties By Zootys: Do your kids want to be just like their Mum/Dad, Aunt’s/Uncles or even Grandparents, when it comes to “working hard” on the yard or out on the property?

Do your kids love to get outside and “work” with you?

Then Cuties By Zootys – Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirts, are the perfect answer to help your kids “work hard” safely everyday!

Not only will your kids LOVE being just like you, you can rest assured that your helping them understand safe working practices not only in the yard, on a property, camping, fishing, but also when they are just riding their bikes. With a Cuties By Zootys – Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirt your helping them understand how to be safe in numerous situations.

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Hi Vis Polo Shirts, Hi Vis Work Shirts, Kids Hi Vis (Onesies) - Our clothing is creating stronger bonds between children and parents. It has helped relieve separation anxiety when parents are away from home. These designs also have the potential to build confidence and boost kids’ self-worth through creative exploration and role play. With the addition of our Zooty Bear we have seen an increase in children’s ability to understand parents working and leaving home, and also in their ability to be OK about it happening.

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