Patanjali Yoga Sutra classes at conducted at Yogavijnana to share the treasure house of wisdom pertaining to understanding the mind.

Yoga in simple terms means, a spiritual and aesthetic routine involving meditation, breath control, specific body postures aimed at a harmony of the mind, body and soul.

The best yoga training center in Bangalore is Yogavijna. We provide all type of training with an experienced trainer.

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Corporate Yoga Classes are aimed at working professionals. We will teach you techniques to handle stress, resolve specific ailments that you can incorporate into your workday and improve your health in turn.

Benefits of yoga for an employer:

Reduced the risk of acute and chronic medical condition of employee which will reduce the rate of absenteeism
Provides a better and healthier way to bond among employees
Better employee satisfaction at work place leads to lower attrition rate
Healthier employee is equal to efficient working and better results
We have already delivered talks in Google, Intel, TCS, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Yokogawa, Utopia etc.

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Yoga therapy is about helping practitioners of Yoga with specific health challenges such as Back pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Diabetes, Asthama, High/Low blood pressure, Sciatica, Chronic headaches, Mental illness, Allergies, Digestive disorder, Immune disorder, etc.

Vinay is well known for Yoga therapy skills where he combines his knowledge of Yoga, Anatomy, physiology, and his work with energy healing aspects of Yoga, Acupressure and Acupuncture to create an holistic experience for the practitioners to enable themselves to cure their ailments.

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This Introduction to Yoga workshop is designed for beginners who don’t have any prior experience of Yoga and for experienced Yoga practitioners who are interested to explore the fundamentals in greater detail. Along with overview of Yoga, the workshop will introduce the participants to the science of body alignment, importance of right posture, benefits of Yoga practice and sneak peak in to the practice of yoga. We have a very scientific approach so as to appeal to a logical mind. This is a 90 minutes Yoga workshop which includes 45 minutes of theory and 45 minutes of practice.

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Yoga workshops with some specific agenda are usually conducted during weekends. Normally they are 3-10 hour program for one day or spread across 2 weekends.
Workshop will be on some key topics and are designed in such a way that it can be integrated in to one’s lifestyle easily. We even conduct many workshops specific to some specific ailments. These workshop can be conducted at our Yoga institute in Bangalore or at other locations depending on the requirement and availability of our teacher. The workshop can be customized based on the interest and requirement.

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In group classes you will be part of a group of students practicing yoga. Group class will help beginners or intermediate practitioners but however one has to slowly learn to do self-practice to really make Yoga part of one lifestyle and advance in once practice.
If you are looking to join group yoga class in Bangalore best choice is Yogavijnana.
Yogavijnana offers Group Yoga training classes in Vijayanagar, Bangalore for groups. Group classes are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioner alike

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If you looking for the best yoga training center in Bangalore is Yogavijna. We provide all type of training with an experienced trainer.
At Yogavijnana, we strive hard to understand the essence of the Yoga practice. We believe that although there are different types of Yoga, yet the ultimate result is one i.e self-awareness. The practice of Yoga techniques depends on the needs and temperament of the individual practicing it.

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